BTA: Beat the Athlete, functional fitness competition
ATHLETES: the people who are assigned by the organization to be challenged by the PARTICIPANTS.
PARTICIPANTS: the people who bought a ticket to beat the ATHLETES

1.1 BTA is not a sanctional CrossFit event. BTA has nothing to do with CrossFit HQ.
1.2 BTA is organized by CF Events, Blekersweg 17, 7312GK Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

2.1. To participate in BTA, every PARTICIPANT must agree to the Rulebook, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
2.2 Everything stated in this rulebook applies to any agreement between BTA and the PARTICIPANT. These regulations can be changed at any time by BTA and the most current version can always be found at the BTA website.
2.3. All PARTICIPANTS agree to compete in a sportsmanlike manner. Unsportsmanlike behavior, such as arguing with a representative of BTA, taunting, hackling, fighting or any other, may be grounds for penalty, suspension, disqualification or removal from the event.
2.4. All times, deadlines etc. mentioned in our communication are in Central European Time.
2.5. If, for any reason, the CHALLENGE is not capable of running as planned by reason of infection by computer virus, bugs, worms, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes beyond the control of BTA, which, in the sole opinion of BTA, are corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of the CHALLENGE, BTA reserves the right to void suspect registrations or submissions and/or to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the CHALLENGE.
2.6. BTA will not be responsible for any injuries, damages or losses of any kind.
2.7. By participating in a CHALLENGE, the PARTICIPANT agrees with being included in any film, photograph, audio and audiovisual recording. All copyright is owned by BTA organization.
2.8. Terms of sale: BTA uses WooCommerce to process all tickets and payments. The standard terms of sale of WooCommerce apply and can be found at their website.

3.1. All PARTICIPANTS must be 18 years or older at the date of the CHALLENGE.
3.2. There are no divisions for competition.
3.3 PARTICIPANTS can do the CHALLENGE wherever they want, as long as they film their workout.

4.1 The registration of the PARTICIPANT is only valid if the registration and service fee is paid in full in WooCommerce. The PARTICIPANT will receive a confirmation e-mail.
4.2 Ticketsale takes place in three stages:
– First 100 tickets: € 5,99
– Tickets 101-200: € 9,99
– After that: € 14,95
4.3 For each CHALLENGE a new ticket needs to be bought.
4.4 Ticket sale closes at the moment of the workout release.

5.1 Each CHALLENGE consists of 1 workout.
5.2 The two ATHLETES will perform the workout at the Challenge Release on a location designated by BTA. There will be a livestream to watch the Challenge Release.
5.3 After the Challenge Release, the PARTICIPANTS will have 7-10 days to perform the workout in their own gym. The exact deadline will be noted with the ticketsale.
5.3.1 All PARTICIPANTS need to film their workout.
5.3.2 The PARTICIPANT is responsible for the correct execution of the movements according to the movement standards provided by BTA.
5.3.3. Movement support devices that are not allowed: straps, gloves with rubber / silicone, weight support devices.
5.3.4 Permitted movement aids: sleeves, wrist wraps, sport tape, magnesium, leather gloves, belts.

6.1 PARTICIPANTS need to hand in their score + video link via the scoreform at the BTA website before the deadline.
6.2 After the deadline, an unofficial leaderboard can be found at the BTA website.
6.3 There will be a separate Female and Male leaderboard.

7.1 The PARTICIPANT is required to film the workout in order to be on the leaderboard.
7.2 BTA will check the video’s of all top PARTICIPANTS.
7.3 It is not possible to have a video removed afterwards due to a penalty.
7.4 If the video does not meet the standards, the score can be adjusted or rejected.

8.1 When the leaderboard is final, there are multiple options:
A) No PARTICIPANT has beat the score of the ATHLETE: the ATHLETE will receive €500,-
B) Three or more PARTICIPANTS have beaten the score of the ATHLETE: the PARTICIPANTS will receive:
– #1 €500,- cash
– #2 €250,- voucher from our sponsor VAYA SHORTS
– #3 €125,- voucher from our sponsor VAYA SHORTS
Athletes #1 – #10 will receive an ‘I Beat The Athlete’ T-shirt
C) One or two PARTICIPANTS have beaten the score of the ATHLETE: the 1 or 2 PARTICIPANT(S) will receive their prize money (same as in B).

9.1 PARTICIPANTS can file a formal protest with regard to the Challenge up to two days after the deadline of the relevant workout via Once the leaderboard is final, no more scores will be changed.

10.1 BTA can revise this rulebook anytime. Changes will be communicated on our website.
10.2 In any case where the rulebook is unclear, BTA always has the last word.