Event Info

Beat the Athlete is an online functional fitness contest in which you can try to beat the athletes. In each Challenge, two top athletes will challenge you to try to beat them. For the top participants who can beat the athletes, there will be prize money to win, plus a unique ‘I Beat The Athlete’-T-shirt. If the athletes win, they will receive the prize money.

Challenge Release

Each Challenge will start with a live announcement. After the workout is announced, the two top athletes will immediately perform the workout and put on a score to beat. From this moment, the participants will have seven days to do the workout at their own location, film it, and hand in their score via the website.

Video Review

After the deadline, all scores will be put on the leaderboard. There is a separate leaderboard for the males and the females. The videos of the top participants will be viewed live at our Facebook page. After our judges have checked the scores, the leaderboard will be final.

Can you beat the athlete?

When the leaderboard is finalized, we know who the winners are. If the Athlete wins the Challenge, he/she goes home with the prize money. If a participant wins, the prize money will be for him/her.